Silver Lake Picture Show

“Rosie, Oh” | A Short Film

“Rosie, Oh” | September 15th at 7:15PM Opening for “Labyrinth” On September 15th the Silver Lake Picture Show is proud to present “Rosie, Oh” from local film maker Andy Koeger. “An unsupervised little girl wanders into her neighbor’s house looking for her lost dog.” Andy Koeger is a Director who believes in creativity as a lifestyle. He creates short films, music […]

“We Together” | A Short Film

“We Together” | September 1st at 7:15PM Opening for “Super Troopers” On September 1st the Silver Lake Picture Show and Unite Here! Local 11 are proud to present “We Together” from local film makerHenry Kaplan. “A zombie is awakened.” Henry Kaplan is a music video and commercial director based in Silver Lake. He specializes in making short films for […]

Live Music by Westside Wisemen

The Silver Lake Picture Show and Robbins Roshay Financial Advisors are proud to host live music by Westside Wisemen prior to ‘Shaolin Soccer‘ on Thursday August 18th! Awesome mash-up under-cover band delivered to you by way of the Westside coming together to bring you music, promotion, community, and love! For more information, check out their Facebook: […]

“Endo” | A Short Film

“Endo” | August 18th at 7:30PM Opening for “Shaolin Soccer” On August 18th the Silver Lake Picture Show and Robbins Roshay Financial Advisors are proud to present “Endo” from local film maker Michael Price. A robo-phobic man has a foul incident with his new cleaning android. Michael Price is a narrative and documentary filmmaker at his company, Price Right […]

Live Music by Urban Lights

The Silver Lake Picture Show is proud to host live music by Urban Lights prior to ‘Willy Wonka’ on Thursday August 4th! Brother and sister duo, Christopher and Melessa Bratten, created Urban Lights in 2015 to use music as a vehicle for raising awareness of the youth homelessness issue in Los Angeles and the rest […]

Gelson’s Presents ‘Willy Wonka’ | August 4th

Over the last five summers we’ve shown dozens of free outdoor movies to the community. While we lovingly hand select each film, there are always a few that stick out; some movies bring together families and friends in a really special way. This season, we knew that ‘Willy Wonka’ was going to be a special […]

“Susie Sunshine” | A Short Film

“Susie Sunshine” | August 4th at 8PM Opening for “Willy Wonka” On August 4th the Silver Lake Picture Show and our local Gelson’s Market are proud to present “Susie Sunshine” from local film maker Chelsea O’Connor. In an alternate world, Martin Energy dominates the energy market by harnessing women’s emotional intelligence and strength to generate resources. When one of their […]

Robo Saints | A Short Film

“Robo Saints” | August 11th at 8PM Opening for “Snowpiercer” On August 11th the Silver Lake Picture Show and the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles are proud to present “Robo Saints” from local film maker Peter Wunsuk Jin. Joy (20) and Chris are anime fanatics and best friends.  Together with Chris’ girlfriend Kaylee, they are a cosplay […]

Love X Stereo

The Silver Lake Picture Show and Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles are proud to host live tunes by Love X Stereo prior to the screening of ‘Snowpiercer’ on August 11th. Launched in 2011 by former skate punk rocker Toby Hwang and fugitive astrophysicist Annie Ko, Love X Stereo is a dazzling Seoul electro rock […]

“Will The Real Mica Sloan Please Stand Up” | A Short Film

“Will The Real Mica Sloan Please Stand Up” | July 21st at 8PM Opening for “Romeo + Juliet” On July 21st the Silver Lake Picture Show continues it’s fifth anniversary season with the short film “Will The Real Mica Sloan Please Stand Up” from local film maker Sam Pinnelas. After a devastating breakup with an evil girlfriend, Mica’s best friend […]